Corporate Strategy

Eastleigh Borough Corporate Strategy

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Eastleigh Borough Corporate Strategy

Our strategy sets out our aims and key priorities for the area and the actions we propose to take to achieve them.  It provides the focus for the development of our service plans and our action plans for staff - the people who ultimately put the strategy into action.

The strategy is driven by our primary purpose to improve the quality of life for all local people.  Consequently, the wide range of initiatives included in the strategy have evolved from work with many people:  our communities, our partners, our staff and our elected councillors.

  • Corporate Strategy pdf - the Council's mission statement
  • Strategic Priorities pdf - a diagram showing the Council's 3 key priorities
  • Evidence Base pdf - (Warning - large file size of 5Mb) - a 70 page document of information and statistics on the Borough of Eastleigh used for strategic planning purposes

Nick Tustian - Chief Executive

Councillor Keith House - Leader of the Council