Council Statement: Local Plans Ministerial statement

Page last updated at 16 November 2017 at 17:57

Council Leader Keith House said, “The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government is absolutely right that producing a Local Plan matters and that Councils need to produce one to provide long term planning for their communities. 

“We have been working hard to establish the right principles and the right sites for future development in the borough and have been working closely with the Department of Communities and Local Government. We will be making a decision on our local plan at our Council meeting on Monday 11 December.  Getting it right is more important that doing it fast.”

“The Local Plan looks forward to the 2020s and 2030s. What is most important is that we get the homes we need built now.  That’s what the Council has been doing, ensuring a five year supply  of land with homes of all tenures under construction meeting local housing need. We are determined to get the right quality and mix of homes in the right places and ensure infrastructure comes alongside homes, not as an afterthought.  Getting the right roads, schools and community facilities, and ensuring countryside gaps between our communities are maintained all matter to local people.

“As well as building the right homes in the right places we have also stopped the wrong houses being built in the wrong places, defending sites around the Borough from unwanted speculative development. We look forward to the Government supporting our Local Plan and helping us get it in place following a public examination next year.”