Land off Passfield Avenue - protection measures

Work under way to prevent unauthorised vehicle access

Page last updated at 03 May 2017 at 18:20

Work is now under way on earthworks to prevent future unauthorised vehicle access to Council-owned land off Passfield Avenue.

Funding was identified at the start of this year for works to start in the Spring to create earth bunds that have proved an effective protection measure elsewhere.  

Since then, the site was surveyed for underground services; design for the works – which had to fit with planned highway improvements and a new footpath and cycle path - were commissioned, including bollards around existing trees and replacement trees parallel to Passfield Avenue; a contractor was selected, and suitable soil was sourced, which had to be assessed for approval by the Environment Agency, due to the close proximity of the  Monks Brook.

The planned work programme was delayed by the arrival of the recent Traveller encampment. Temporary fencing has now been erected to secure the site during the works.

Work on the bunds should be complete by the end of this week, with tree planting and bollards taking place next week.