Eastleigh’s new leisure venue is a regional netball centre

Page last updated at 14 September 2017 at 16:43

England Netball 90000

Eastleigh’s new £25 million leisure centre, Places Leisure Eastleigh, will offer state-of-the-art facilities for participants in a range of sports - from beginners and grass roots players to high performers.

Netball will feature strongly and England Netball, the national governing body of the game, will be using Places Leisure Eastleigh as their South of England base.

The organisation has donated £90,000 towards the construction of the superb new facility, which replaces Fleming Park Leisure Centre, and their members will be regular users of the huge sports hall – one of the biggest in the South of England – as well as its fitness facilities.  

England Netball develops programmes, encourages new participants in the game and guides existing players through their netball journey, as well as carrying out administrative, regulatory and sanctioning functions.

Charlotte Malyon, England Netball’s Capital Investment and Facilities Manager, said: “This vast and much improved facility is going to be the South Coast centre for netball development. We don’t have a facility like this in the South Region.”

Meanwhile, local netball clubs and leagues, who have been given a preview of the facilities, have also responded enthusiastically to Places Leisure Eastleigh. Chris Granger, who is Chair of Hampshire Netball Association, amongst other voluntary roles, said: “It is amazing, absolutely breath-taking... can’t wait to get our groups in to use it!”

The England Netball donation is in addition to £2 million funding from Sport England, who promote grass roots sports participation.

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