Council meeting 20 July

Information and Guidance

Page last updated at 18 July 2017 at 11:28

It is important to note that at the Council meeting on 20th July the Council is not making a decision to formally approve its Emerging Local Plan. It is to note the progress since the Council last considered this in December and the additional supporting information that we have to date.

  • As part of the update, it will highlight that the Strategic Growth Option to the north and east of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak is emerging as the current preferred Strategic Growth Option subject to the completion of further investigative surveys (conducted by outside agencies) such as transport and biodiversity.


  • The Emerging Plan is based on a wide range of emerging evidence available at this stage, but that some key evidence remains outstanding. It will not be final approval as this cannot be made until after a number of outstanding reports are complete (likely to be later this year).  The Council will need to make a definitive decision on the Local Plan once all the relevant and key evidence has been completed.


Speaking at the meeting

Any member of the public has the opportunity to speak, but ask that you register to do so as early as possible and prior to the start of the meeting. There will be a table at the meeting at which you can register to speak prior to the meeting.  You can also pre-register by emailing or telephone 023 8068 8342

During the meeting

The Mayor of Eastleigh, Cllr Maureen Sollitt will chair the meeting.  Part One of the agenda is ‘Decisions to be taken’ and includes three items including the Emerging Local Plan item.  The item will be read out by the Mayor and then proposed by the Leader of the Council and seconded. After this there will be an opportunity for public debate.

Under the Council’s Constitution, public participation is limited to a total of 10 minutes with equal time allowed for persons wishing to express opposing views (ie 5 minutes for and 5 minutes against.) Those speakers who have registered to speak on the item will then be invited to speak by the Mayor.  

However, given the levels of interest the Mayor has decided to allow each speaker up to 5 minutes to make their individual representations and speakers are respectfully asked to keep within this timeframe and do not repeat points made by previous speakers.

After all speakers have spoken individual Councillors will debate the item. Councillors are also allowed to speak only once and for up to five minutes.

The only exception is that the Leader of the Council does not have a time restriction and this is in accordance with our Constitution.

This is a formal meeting of the Council and we ask that you respect the meeting and all speakers, allowing them to make their representations without disruption.

After the public participation and subsequent debate Councillors will vote on the recommendation.