Emerging Local Plan update

Page last updated at 14 July 2017 at 14:20

The Council is set to consider its Emerging Local Plan at a meeting to be held at King's Community Church, Hedge End at 7pm on Thursday 20 July 2017.

The report outlines the emerging approach for the Eastleigh Local Plan including proposals for the Strategic Growth Option and other housing allocations for the period until 2036.

A review of the housing needs across south Hampshire has identified a shortfall which we need to address over the next two decades. National policy requires the council to help meet this shortfall and the Council has a set a target of 14,600 new homes. The need for this has been carefully assessed, reflecting the fact that more people are living longer and seeking to address the difficulties people have in getting their own home.    

The Emerging Local Plan identifies:

  • a major need for new homes including a Strategic Growth Option to the north and east of Bishopstoke and Fair Oak that will create a new community with homes, jobs, schools, shops and open spaces
  • the need to ensure the environment including ancient woodland and River Itchen are properly protected. 

The following will take place after the 20 July;

  • results of key assessments such as ongoing transport, habitat and biodiversity studies will be fully considered and discussed and incorporated into the Local Plan before a final decision is made
  • an engagement process will be undertaken before a final decision is made – this decision is anticipated to be later in the year
  • a formal public consultation will take place once the Council has taken its decision on the Local Plan ‘submission’   

This plan and the public representations are then submitted to a public examination by an independent planning inspector who will decide whether the plan is ‘sound’ before the Council adopts it.

Council Leader Keith House said, “This Local Plan confirms that we remain committed to getting the right homes in the right places, protecting the gaps between our towns and villages and tackling congestion at the same time.  Long term planning for the next 20 years gives us greater opportunity to ensure we can fund the infrastructure we need for the future.”