Botley Bypass – Council bids for £10 million

Page last updated at 03 October 2017 at 11:26

Eastleigh Borough Council has submitted a joint bid, in partnership with Hampshire County Council for £10 million, to help deliver the planned Botley Bypass. 

The application for funding has been made under the Marginal Viability Fund as part of the Department for Communities & Local Government’s £2.3 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund. This offers funding to local authorities, on a competitive basis, for infrastructure to support new homes - planned in this area at Woodhouse Lane and Winchester Street.

Council Leader Keith House said, ”The Council has been working hard over many years to bring about a bypass for Botley. The Council is very supportive of the principle of a bypass for Botley and has been for many years, recognised the benefits it could bring in terms of addressing traffic from nearby developments outside of our borough and reducing congestion and traffic flows through Botley village centre that adversely affect air quality, economic viability and the quality of life for local residents.”  

The proposed bypass will divert traffic from the main A334 through Botley, north onto Woodhouse Lane and then south-east onto the new Bypass alongside the train line, which would then re-join the A334 just before the railway station. Traffic-calming measures would be introduced for the centre of the village.

A second bid has also been submitted for upfront strategic highways works to help improve the local road network on land west of Horton Heath.

The bid will now be considered by the Homes & Communities Agency with a decision expected either later this year or by early 2018.