Council supports ‘Become Bird Aware’ initiative

Help protect local wildlife

Page last updated at 10 March 2017 at 15:17

A new initiative has been unveiled as part of a partnership to protect vulnerable birds that spend the winter on the Solent.

Over 90,000 waders and wildfowl migrate to the Solent each winter from as far away as Siberia. This makes the Solent coastline of worldwide importance for birds. When people visit the coast, they may prevent the birds from feeding if they disturb them. This can mean the birds do not have enough energy to survive the winter and fly back to breed at their summer habitats.

The Solent Recreation Mitigation Partnership of local authorities and conservation bodies has created the 'Bird Aware Solent' campaign to help coastal visitors be aware of the vulnerability of migrating birds. As part of the campaign, a team of rangers and a new website -  – will guide coastal visitors on which birds to look out for and how best to avoid disturbing them. . The website also has information about forthcoming educational events around the coast.

Cabinet Lead for the Environment, Cllr Rupert Kyrle, said: "I welcome this initiative to help protect all the birds that overwinter in our coastal areas and encourage everyone to look at this bright new website which contains lots of interesting facts.”