Sign up for garden waste recycling now – and get free collections until April!

Page last updated at 28 April 2016 at 13:33

Sign up for garden waste offer

Gardeners across Eastleigh Borough can earn an early bird bonus if they sign up to the council’s garden waste recycling service before April.

Our annual subscription, which this year runs from April 1 2016 to the end of March 2017, is excellent value, working out at less than £3 a month. 

But if you sign up earlier it is an even better deal: the council will deliver your bin and start collecting your garden waste from the next available date after you subscribe to the service. 

Almost 16,000 of the borough’s 53,000 households are now using the fortnightly kerbside collection service, which helps residents save on time, money and inconvenience – and do their bit for the environment.

A visit to the council’s website or a call to the Customer Service Centre will remove the hassle and expense of making regular trips to queue at the local tip, will avoid the effort of lifting a grubby bag full of green waste from car to skip, and will prevent your freshly-valeted luggage space being littered with clippings, soil and random creepy-crawlies. The collection service has the added benefit of letting you spend more time tending your shrub beds, lawn or vegetable plot.

You’ll be helping the planet too.  Rather than being dumped in landfill or incinerated, the waste collected is converted into Pro-Grow, a sustainable soil conditioner that is available for sale at local household waste recycling centres.  

And with Eastleigh Borough Council’s ‘Buy It &Try It’ offer, you can return the bin to us and get a full refund if, after three collections, you don’t think the service is for you.

The cost of a bin is only £34 for the year - and there is a £2 discount if you pay by direct debit.  Concessionary rates are available and a second bin is considerably cheaper, if you need one.

To find out more visit:,  to sign up today, visit:  - or phone 023 8068 8440.