Council Leader condemns County consultation

On Local Government Re-organisation

Page last updated at 29 July 2016 at 12:04

Council Leader condemns County consultation on Local Government Re-organisation

Eastleigh Borough Council Leader Keith House said, “In parallel with the Solent Unitary Councils’ consultation on devolution, Hampshire County Council are set to launch a consultation next week on proposals to reorganise local government in Hampshire by abolishing all Borough and District Councils. Instead they will create a super-powerful Hampshire Council led by a Cabinet of 10 councillors responsible for all services provided by the County and 11 Borough and District Councils.”

He added, “They have already spent £100,000 on a biased consultant’s report justifying their position and have allocated a further £150,000 to promote their plans. Just to be clear, this is not devolution: it’s reverse devolution, sucking power up to the centre, rather than dispersing it.”