Eat Out Eat Well - Eastleigh backs healthy restaurants campaign

Page last updated at 28 April 2016 at 13:33

A new scheme to encourage restaurants to offer more healthy eating options is being backed by Eastleigh Borough Council.

The Eat Out Eat Well scheme will help consumers make healthier choices when buying takeaways or eating out at cafés, sandwich shops and restaurants.

Eating more healthily is one of the simplest changes most of us can make to improve our health and lose weight.  According to the Food Standards Agency, in the UK, one in six meals is now consumed outside the home. Eat Out Eat Well will encourage food businesses to make small changes, such as reducing the fat, sugar and salt levels of dishes, and offering items such as fruit and water.

To reward food outlets that provide their customers with healthier choices - and underpinning its commitment to encouraging a healthy community - Eastleigh Borough Council’s Environmental Health team will award successful businesses Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards based on the type of food on offer, their cooking methods, and how healthy choices are promoted to customers. 

The scheme, which is being launched across Hampshire, was initially developed by Surrey County Council. It has been well received by food businesses and consumers in other areas of the country. 

Eastleigh Borough Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for Housing and Environmental Health, Councillor Anne Winstanley, has welcomed the launch of the scheme in Eastleigh. She said: “Every year many of us make a New Year’s resolution to be a little bit healthier. But sticking to it is often difficult, particularly when eating out plays such a big part in modern-day life. The Eat Out Eat Well scheme is part of a wider approach to help people make manageable lifestyle changes. We are fortunate in Eastleigh to have an array of great places to eat out and, for those businesses, it’s an opportunity to improve further and demonstrate that they put their customers first.”

The launch coincides with a new Sugar Smart campaign from Change4Life which encourages families to cut back on sugar with the help of a simple free app. According to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, children in the UK are eating three times more sugar than the recommended amount. The app, which reveals the surprising amounts of sugar in everyday food and drinks, can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Businesses interested in taking part in the Eat Out Eat Well scheme should email one of the team on