Eastleigh Council Tax frozen for 13th year in a row

Page last updated at 28 April 2016 at 13:33

Budget Statement

Eastleigh Borough Council has frozen its Council Tax for 2016-17 – delivering an unprecedented 13-year period of real-term cuts for residents.

This year the average Eastleigh Borough Council element for a Band D household is £130.07, or just over £2.50 per week.  Less than an eighth of the total Council Tax bill for Eastleigh Borough residents goes to the council.

Following the announcement of the provisional Local Government Settlement the Council has had confirmation of its government grant, which represents a loss of grant of £724,000 - equivalent to a 17.6% reduction - giving Eastleigh Borough Council external funding of £3.383 million for the coming year.

Eastleigh Borough Council, Keith House, said: ”We will be freezing our Council Tax again this year. That represents a real terms cut in council tax for 13 years in a row.”  He added “We believe this to be an unequalled record and commitment anywhere in the country and we can do this without significant reductions in our frontline services.  This has been achieved in large part, due to our excellent record of sound financial management, and our nationally recognised programme of property investments.”