Council statement on Greyhound Close

Page last updated at 21 September 2015 at 14:40

The Council recognises that the Christmas lights display in Greyhound Close, Hedge End had been enjoyed by many visitors over the years and a considerable amount of money had been raised for charity. 

Given the increasing scale of the activity a number of safety concerns had been raised by the local Police. To help deal with traffic and safety issues and to contribute to the ongoing success of this activity the Council’s Hedge End, West End & Botley Local Area Committee recently made a decision to support the Christmas Lights at Greyhound Close with a contribution of £1400. The Council has not shut the lights down and as stated in the committee report has no powers to do so anyway. 

The Council understands the difficult decision made by the residents of Greyhound Close not to continue with the Christmas lights. 

On Monday 7 September The Area Committee resolved five items (below) 


(1) That the expenditure of £1396 from this Committee’s budget be approved for (a) AA directional signage; (b) Seven ‘No Access’ signage; and (c) protective posts for Maunsell Way;

(2) That the possibilities be explored with Hedge End Town Council to have voluntary marshals for traffic management in the area during December;

(3) That Civil Enforcement Officers be deployed to the area to assist traffic management during December;

(4) That the Hedge End Town Council formally requested the deployment of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in Hedge End to assist traffic management in the area during December; and

(5) That Eastleigh Borough Council and Hedge End Town Council continues to engage with residents of Greyhound Close and for the residents to continue to seek sponsorship to cover costs. 

A link to the report is below: