Council provides community defibrillators

At five locations

Page last updated at 13 July 2015 at 12:24


The Council is helping to build a network of life saving equipment in the Borough that is accessible to the community.

It has purchased five defibrillators that will be located at or near five of its operational buildings and facilities to help improve the chances of visitors and staff surviving a medical emergency.

The defibrillators, that provide a ‘shock’ to the heart in the event of cardiac arrest, will be located at key locations within the community. Three will be located at outdoor locations and will be accessible 24 hours a day at Itchen Valley Country Park, West End; Lakeside Country Park and Eastleigh House, Eastleigh. There will also be one located at The Berry Theatre and one at the Council Depot, at Hedge End and will be available during operational hours.

Following a first aid risk assessment of its facilities the Council has taken the decision to purchase the defibrillators at these key community locations. They act as a crucial part of the survival process in medical emergencies of the highest category. The cost of the defibrillators and installation is around £8,000.

Itchen Valley and Lakeside Country Parks are more remote open spaces that attract large numbers of visitors as does the Berry Theatre. The Depot caries out a number of higher risk activities with specialist machinery and workshops and Eastleigh House has a high level of visitors and staff that work outside normal hours as well as being a key location for users of the town centre, being close to the Bus Station.

Cabinet Lead for Health & Community Safety Cllr Tonia Craig said, “Medical research from the Resuscitation Council reveals that after cardiac arrest every minute without CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and defibrillation reduces someone chances of survival by 10% and for the best chance of survival someone should receive a shock to the heart within 5-6 minutes." She added " We are pleased to purchase these five machines and by siting them at these locations we are increasing the chances of residents or visitors to the borough surviving a cardiac arrest.”

The defibrillators sited outdoors will be housed in bright yellow cabinets to be consistent with those already in place that have been purchased by Botley Parish and Hedge End Town Councils.

They will also be registered on the South Coast Ambulance site and will appear on their AED (Automated External Defibrillator) locator app which uses GPS to show where the nearest AED is, as well as a list of other AEDs in the area.