Local Areas

The borough of Eastleigh has been regionalised into five areas

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Local Area Committees



The borough of Eastleigh has been regionalised into five areas: -


Meeting dates


Each area has it's own committee, made up from elected ward Councillors. They take decisions and make representations on a wide range of council business relating to your area. This includes:-

  • Local matters (including planning applications and planning enforcement);
  • Deciding on local priorities
  • Traffic management;
  • Leisure facilities;
  • Local refuse collections and recycling.


Each committee has its own budget and  is able to use this in whatever way it thinks is appropriate to meet local circumstances, provided it operates within overall council guidelines.

Local Area Committees are open to the public. Members of the public can speak on most agenda items.  Please refer to our advice for public participation at local area committees. You can register to speak on a particular item by contacting the  Democratic Services Officer or Local Area Co-ordinator.

Democratic Services
Tel 023 8068 8413
Email: democraticservices@eastleigh.gov.uk

Local Area Co-ordination Team
Tel 023 8068 8433
Email: areacoordinators@eastleigh.gov.uk