2010 Eastleigh Parliamentary By-Election Result

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2010 Borough of Eastleigh General Election Results

There are two Parliamentary constituencies represented in the Borough of Eastleigh -Eastleigh and Winchester - so two Members of Parliament will be elected to represent them

Eastleigh Parliamentary Constituency Election Result


BARRACLOUGH, Leo The Labour Party 5,153
FINCH, Ray UK Independence Party 1,933
HUHNE, Chris Liberal Democrat 24,966
HUTCHINGS, Maria The Conservative Party 21,102
LOW, Keith National Liberal Party 93
PEWSEY, Tony Stephen The English Democrats - "Putting England First!" 249
STONE, Dave Independent 154
  % Poll 69.43%
  Total number of votes 53,762


CHRISTOPHER HUHNE is elected to serve as Member of Parliament for the Constituency of Eastleigh

Winchester Parliamentary Constituency Election Result

(for residents of Chandler's Ford and Hiltingbury only)


BRINE, Steve The Conservative Party Candidate 27,155
DAVIES,Patrick The Labour Party Candidate 3,051
LANCASTER, Mark The English Democrats - "Putting England First!" 503
PENN-BULL, Jocelyn Fortnum Derry UK Independence Party 1,139
TOD, Martin Liberal Democrat 24,107
   % Poll 75.96%


Further information about Winchester Parliamentary Constituency