2010 Borough Election Results

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2010 Borough Election Results

Elections have taken place in 15 wards throughout the Borough. Liberal Democrats were defending 11 seats, Conservatives three seats and Labour one seat.

Results for Borough elections are as follows: -

Make-up of the Council

Conservative 4
Independent 0
Labour 1
Liberal Democrat 39



Name of CandidatePartyVotes
*FRASER, Cathie Liberal Democrat 1,528 Elected
HALL, Jerry Conservative 1,160
KOSTED, Geoffrey John Labour 170
* retiring member seeking re-election % Poll 74.07%

Liberal Democrat Hold

Bursledon & Old Netley

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
BAKER, Justin Stuart Labour 298
HUMPHREY, Beryl Alice UKIP 196
MILNE, John Conservative 1,371
O’SULLIVAN, Jane Frances Liberal Democrat 2,025 Elected
  % Poll 67%

Liberal Democrat Hold

Chandler's Ford East

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
ADDISON, Beryl Labour 211
*HOLDEN-BROWN, Pam Liberal Democrat 1,348 Elected
READ, Michael Conservative 1,019
WEBBER, Paul Michael UKIP 155
* Retiring member seeking re-election % Poll 72.66%

Liberal Democrat Hold

Chandler's Ford West

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
*BROADHURST, Alan Frederick Liberal Democrat 1,779 Elected
GEORGE, Cindy Harley Conservative 1,295
GRICE, Philip Martin Labour 236
YOUNG, Vivienne Angela UKIP 115
* Denotes retiring member seeking re-election % Poll 73.68%

Liberal Democrat Hold

Eastleigh Central

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
GILKES, Chris Labour 793
*IRISH, Wayne Liberal Democrat 2,604 Elected
SCHOFIELD, Tim Conservative 1,015
SNEDDON, Alan Stewart Independent 83
* Denotes retiring member seeking re-election % Poll 60.95%

Liberal Democrat Hold

Eastleigh North

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
ATTERBURY, Colin Conservative 1,215
*SOLLITT, Maureen Ann Liberal Democrat 2,329 Elected
WHITE, Ted Labour 517
* Denotes retiring member seeking re-election % Poll 67.47%

Liberal Democrat Hold

Eastleigh South

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
*LUFFMAN, Peter Labour 878
ROSS, Andrew Conservative 841
SOLLITT, Steven Roy Liberal Democrat 1,831 Elected
STEWART, George UKIP 221
* Denotes retiring member seeking re-election % Poll 61.66%

Liberal Democrat gain from Labour

Fair Oak & Horton Heath

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
RHODES, Chris Conservative 1,703
SCOTT, Des Liberal Democrat 2,737 Elected
SHEPHARD, Mary Eileen Labour 336
  % Poll 75.11%

Liberal Democrat Hold

Hedge End Grange Park

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
*BLOOM, Louise Anne Liberal Democrat 2,306 Elected
KOONER, Ami Conservative 1,117
LYON, Martin UKIP 97
PARKINSON, Sue Labour 169
* Denotes retiring member seeking re-election % Poll 71.96%

Liberal Democrat Hold

Hedge End St. Johns

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
HALL, Susan Conservative 1,762
HUGHES, Peter John Liberal Democrat 2,135 Elected
McKAY, Elizabeth Ann UKIP 159
TRUSCOTT, Elsie Doris Labour 303
  % Poll 72.29%

Liberal Democrat Hold

Hedge End Wildern

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
*HOUSE, Keith Liberal Democrat 1,663 Elected
McKEONE, Christine Hilda Labour 195
O’DONOGHUE, Michale Steven UKIP 151
REDDING, Paul Conservative 810
  % Poll 67.88%

Liberal Democrat Hold

Hiltingbury East

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
*CALDWELL, John Lewis Conservative 1,769 Elected
HOLDEN-BROWN, Terry Liberal Democrat 1,273
HUBERT, Gwyneth Jean Labour 177
* Denotes retiring member seeking re-election % Poll 81.08%

Conservative Hold

Hiltingbury West

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
BUTT, Kevin Richard Labour 193
CHILD, Peter John Liberal Democrat 1,380
GRAJEWSKI, Judith Margaret Conservative 1,658 Elected
WEEKS, Trevor Alan UKIP 103
  % Poll 79.21%

Conservative Hold

West End North

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
SORTWELL, Graham Conservative 969
SPAVEN, Pat Labour 231
*TENNENT, Bruce Robert Liberal Democrat 1,497 Elected
TOMLIN, John Edward UKIP 128
* Denotes retiring member seeking re-election % Poll 69.3%

Liberal Democrat Hold

West End South

Name of CandidatePartyVotes
CLARKE, Daniel John Liberal Democrat 1652 Elected
MARTIN, Chris UKIP 159
SMITH, Nancy Helen Labour 290
*SORTWELL, Joyce Conservative 1413
* Denotes retiring member seeking re-election % Poll 69.83%

Liberal Democrat Gain from Conservative