Members Allowances

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Members' Allowances Scheme


The current scheme for members’ allowances was introduced in June 2001. This scheme was adopted in response of the requirements of the Local Government Act 2000. Periodically the Council asks an Independent Panel to make proposals for the scheme. The Independent Panel reconvened in 2010 to consider the scheme for the second half of 2010/2011 and future years. Their recommendations were largely adopted by the Council in October 2010.

The scheme in operation

With effect from 1 April 2007, any increase made is dependent on the salary increase of the mid-point of a scale 6 employee; (scale 9 for the Leader).

A full statement of all allowances paid can be found in the June Cabinet report for that year.

Basic allowance with effect from 1st April 2016 - £6,240 per year (paid monthly). This figure includes a training attendance sum.

Special responsibility allowance

Certain roles in the political management of the Council require work over and beyond that that could reasonably be considered covered by the basic allowance. These roles attract a “special responsibility allowance”. The Independent Panel considered the political management roles of the Council in structuring this element of the scheme. The specific elements of the scheme are given in the following table:

Responsibility Allowances from 1st April 2016


Leader of the Council


Deputy Leader of the Council


Cabinet Member


Area Committee Chair


Area Committee Vice Chair


Scrutiny Panel Chair


Scrutiny Panel Vice Chair


Minority Group Leader


Audit & Resources Chair


Audit & Resources Vice Chair


Admin Committee Chair



Travel and Subsistence

The scheme also provides payments to Members for travelling and subsistence while on Council business. The key elements of the members’ travelling and subsistence scheme are:

  • The scheme allows for the claiming of travel and subsistence allowances in relation to approved duties as reviewed by the Council from time to time.
  • Members should not be penalised merely because of their place of residence in the Borough.
  • Travel is paid for attending Council meetings and outside bodies.
  • Claims for travel to be made from where the travel commences, but deducting any costs that would have been incurred in getting to the place of residence.
  • Increases are linked to those of staff essential user rates

The current rates of travel and subsistence are:


The rates quoted below are linked to the essential user rates for staff.

Mileage rates payable to members – 45 pence per mile

For journeys outside the Borough the second-class train fare or the mileage payment is payable.


The subsistence sums quoted below:

Subsistence payable to members


For more than 4 hours but less than 8 hours


For more than 8 hours but less than 12 hours


For more than 12 hours



Childcare and dependent carer’s allowance

A childcare and dependent carer allowance is payable where actual expenditure is incurred. Payments are based on the actual cost of care but should not exceed £10 per hour other than in exceptional circumstances. The meetings payable at Eastleigh include the Council, Cabinet, Area Committees, Scrutiny and representing the Council on outside bodies.

IT Equipment

The Council seeks to conduct its business efficiently and with minimal wastage.  As such, it will provide to a Member upon election: a computer or laptop with a dial-back facility (eg Broadband) and a printer.  The Council will also provide related sundries on request.  When the Member ceases to be a Councillor (e.g. s/he does not stand for re-election or is not re-elected), the equipment must be returned to the Council in a good working order within 14 days of them ceasing to be a Councillor.

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