Hiltingbury Lakes Update

An update on the Hiltingbury Lakes transformation project

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Day one of our team of volunteers at the Hiltingbury Lakes site was a great success.


A group of ten volunteers used hand saws, loppers and secateurs to remove non-native invasive laurel from around the entrance way and paths at the southern end of Lake Road. This work helped in making the entrance feel lighter and brighter and the natural broadleaved woodland now provides a more welcoming feel to the site.

The volunteers also cut back mature rhododendron bushes on the eastern side of the Lake, removing branches which were invading the footpath that runs parallel with Lake Road.

Streetscene chipped and removed the piles of cut branches that were left on the verge next to Lake Road.

The volunteers achieved an impressive amount and were very satisfied with their efforts. Many have known the site for  years and were very pleased to be helping out with the project.

The volunteer tasks will take place at 10am each Thursday meeting at the southern entrance on Lake Road.

Second week of volunteering at Hiltingbury Lakes

Week 2 Volunteers

The second week of volunteering at the Hiltingbury lakes site was another success, with ten volunteers joining the team on a bright and sunny Thursday morning.

The group continued clearing back invasive laurel and rhododendron along the southern path from Lake Road towards Kingsway. 

The team at Hiltingbury Lakes would like to thank the returning volunteers and the new volunteers who joined them for their second day of clearing at the site. It was a satisfying sight to see the evergreen branches piled up for the Streetscene workers to collect the next day.

During the day the group of volunteers were approached by members of the public who stopped to chat to them to find out what they were doing as part of the project, many of them commented with positive comments and walkers were pleased with the improvements made to the footpaths.

The next volunteer day will be on Thursday 5 December, meeting at the the usual place at the southern entrance on Lake Road at 10am.  

Week three volunteering at Hiltingbury Lakes

Before And After Hiltingbury Lakes

Week three of volunteering at the Hiltingbury Lakes site and a fantastic group of nine volunteers turned up on a cold and sunny Thursday to get involved.

The picture shows a before and after view of the pathway once the volunteers had cleared some of the invasive plants. 

The team removed more invasive laurel and rhododendron from the path entrance on the western embankment. Once the darkness of the evergreen foliage was removed, it revealed beautiful views of the Main Lake from the path. As well as the invasive plants, the volunteers also removed a small fallen tree from the path.

The group were stopped by passers by who wanted to talk about the work they were doing and to give positive feedback on the transformation, many of them wanting to find out more about the work that was taking place and to offer suggestions of other things they could be doing. 

The group will be moving to the nearby Hocombe Mead Reserve to work alongside the Friends of Hocombe Mead on their task day this Thursday, 12th December, meeting at the Northern entrance on Ashdown Road at the same time.