Paw and cyclist friendly

Information on off road cycling and bringing your dog to the park

We are paw friendly at Itchen Valley Country Park.

We welcome caring dog owners to our country parks. If your dog is sensible off the lead, you can let them run on the High Hill Field which is the large recreation area at the top of the main driveway.


Please keep your dog on the lead in all other areas of the park including the woodland trails and in the nature trails.


Assistance dogs are also welcome in our visitor centre, café and play areas, but all other dogs will need to stay outside of these areas.


Our park is covered by a ‘poop-scoop’ by-law so you must clean up after your dog. You’ll find dog bins behind our visitor centre and around the edge of High Hill Field.

Cyclists are welcome to bring their bikes and use our off-road cycle route which is approximately 1.5 miles long and runs through both woodland and open fields.