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ParkWorks  ParkWorks

ParkWorks are instrumental in providing the land and facilities for sport and play. Through the planning process, they look to secure land and developers contributions to provide new and improved public open space areas for our communities working with key local agencies and partners.


Play and Youth Areas

Welcome to the Play areas page of Eastleigh Borough Councils ParkWorks. Here you will find a link to a list of the many children’s equipped play areas within the borough. For your assistance we have arranged the list into: Borough, Town and Parish managed and maintained play areas plus Hampshire County Council and Forestry Commission.

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Why play is important

Play is fundamental to children’s happy, healthy development. The main benefits to individual children from being able to play freely is in how satisfying it is and how much it meets the needs of the child at the time. Play and free time activities are important to children: they are seen as different from school and other organised activities and serve a different purpose. Children who feel secure in their play can spend many hours occupied in investigating and learning about themselves and the world around them.

There are many benefits for children and young people when they are given the space and time to play such as: being active, develop their body strength and coordination, learn new skills and build on existing skills, increased confidence and self-esteem, learn social skills, meeting new friends and learning to ‘play’ with other children, out in the fresh air and importantly they learn to assess risk which we all do throughout life on a daily basis such as crossing a road.


Managing Risk in Play Provision, Play Safety Forum 2002 states:

Children need and want to take risks when they play. Play provision aims to respond to these needs and wishes by offering children stimulating, challenging environments for exploring and developing their abilities. In doing this, play provision aims to manage the level of risk so that children are not exposed to unacceptable risks of death or serious injury.

We encourage parents and carers to interact and play with their children in our play areas. Children develop at different stages and no child is the same so what a 4 year can’t  do a 3 year old may be able to do, so by playing and encouraging your child they will soon be able to master that challenge before quickly finding new ones!  


Management and maintenance

The play areas are regularly inspected and maintained according to the manufacturers guidelines and also dependant on location and usage. In addition to these inspections each play area has an Annual Independent Inspection from a Play Inspector qualified to Annual Inspector status on the Register of Play Inspectors International. Any issues identified are addressed depending on the priority given.

Occasionally through general wear and tear or unfortunately misuse / vandalism issues occur, if you notice an issue and wish to report it, please either phone or email the play area operator for that play area clearly stating which play area and the issue / problem you have identified.

Any vandalism, or anti-social behaviour in any of the play areas is a Police matter and depending on the severity you should either call them on 999 or for less severe cases please use 101

“Enjoy the area - Have a safe play”