Frequently Asked Questions about Play Areas

Page last updated at 08 June 2015 at 11:05

Frequently Asked Questions about Play Areas

Where can I find my local play area?
There numerous Play Areas, Wheeled sports areas and kick- a-bout areas located across the borough and a list of these and there locations can be found in the list of play and youth facilities or here. 

The equipment in the play area is vandalised – how do I report this?
Although regular inspections of the equipment are undertaken there may be instances when visitors wish to report items that have been damaged.  If you find a problem please do not hesitate to contact  the managing authority which is shown in the list of facilities. 

Can I have a new play area/additional equipment in my local park?
An audit of play facilities and services is carried out as part of our play strategy through an audit of play equipment every 2 years.  The report is sent to the managing authority where they can allocate the necessary funding depending on priorities.

There is broken glass in the play area – can this be removed?
Play areas are visited regularly depending on location and usage. If additional cleans are required for one reason or another please request through the managing authority for the play area.

How often is the play equipment inspected?
Equipment is checked by qualified inspectors a minimum of three times a week depending on location, usage and managing authority to ensure that equipment is functional, secure and safe.  Play areas may be visited in addition to the above frequencies during heavy use such as school holidays and after vandalism has been reported. In addition to varying inspections during the week there are also quarterly engineering inspections and an annual independent inspection from an inspector on the Register of Play Inspectors International. 

What play equipment is featured on site?
All play areas have a variety of fixed equipment suitable for children aged 2-8 years old (toddler) and children aged 8-13 years old (junior), and some have equipment also suitable for older children. The equipment for play areas is chosen by the local community at consultation events.

If you have any other questions (other than maintenance and repairs) regarding play and young people’sfacilities managed by Eastleigh Borough Council please contact: