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Applying for Planning Permission

Before a planning application can be accepted as valid by the Council, it must contain sufficient information to enable it to be fully and properly assessed.
The information required to make a valid planning application consists of three elements:

1.    The relevant standard application form (1APP) which can be downloaded along with associated guidance notes below.

2.    The mandatory national information requirements specified in The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010 (as amended), including a design and access statement where one is required.

3.    Information to accompany the application as specified by the local planning authority on their local list of information requirements.

If an application is submitted that does not meet these requirements then the Council will deem the application to be invalid.

Validation Checklist for Planning Applications

The Council has recently adopted a revised Local List for Validation of Planning Applications which has been produced in order to assist applicants when applying for planning permission or other associated consents. This document also gives guidance in respect of the mandatory national requirements for the majority of planning applications.

Each of the items on the Council’s previous Local List which was adopted in 2008 have been assessed against the principles and criteria stipulated in the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) document Guidance on information requirements and validation (March 2010) as well as those contained within The Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013. Additionally and in accordance with these requirements, the following information has also been included in respect of each Local List item:

 - The types of application and geographic locations for which it is required.
 - The policy driver for requesting the information.
 - The level and type of information that is required to be provided.
 - Links to further sources of information or guidance.

The revised Local List for Validation of Planning Applications (pdf) which was adopted by the Council on 1 August 2013 is accessible here.  

Application Forms for Household Development

It is recommended that planning applications are submitted electronically on the Planning Portal.

If you would prefer using 'paper' copies of forms, these are available for download on the Planning Portal.


Please Note:  Eastleigh Borough Council has a legal duty to make certain information relating to planning applications available on a public register.  Information provided within these forms (including names and addresses of applicants) is subject to disclosure on Eastleigh Borough Council's website.  Any information disclosed will be done so strictly in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Data Protection Act 1998 or any other legislation.  If you have any serious concerns regarding the release of information please inform the Development Control Unit when making an application.

For further help please contact our Customer Services Team on 023 8068 8000 or email