Planning Guidance

Planning Guidance

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Ppi Planning Guidance

 Planning policy guidance documents help the public, designers, applicants and council officers prepare and evaluate development proposals. 

Document Types

Supplementary Planning Documents/Guidance

Document Title & Date

Accommodation for Elderly People and those in need of care Supplementary Planning Document  May 2011

Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document July 2009 (updated May 2016)

Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document  December 2009

Character Area Appraisals Supplementary Planning Documents  -  Further information on  Character Areas webpage.

Conservation Areas  -  Further information on  Conservation Areas webpage.

Eastleigh Town Centre Vision   November 2014

Environmentally Sustainable Development Supplementary Planning Document  March 2009

Sustainable Design and Construction Changes to Residential Applications from March 26 2015

Guidance- Shopfronts & Signs   October 1996

Housing Mix Supplementary Planning Guidance   February 2003

Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document   July 2008

Planning Obligations 2010 Update

Planning Obligations Background Paper

Quality Places Supplementary Planning Document   November 2011

Residential Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document   January 2009

Development Briefs

Document Title & Date

Land at Moorgreen Hospital & Moorgreen Dairy Farm, West End Development Brief   April 2015

Adoption Statement for Moorgreen Hospital Development Brief   April 2015

Appendix A - Statement of Consultations for Moorgreen Hospital Development Brief  April 2015

The Mount, Bishopstoke Development Brief   June 2007

Dowd's Farm Development  and Design Brief   December 2002

South Central Eastleigh Development Brief   September 2003

Prysmian 2, Leigh Road, Eastleigh Development Brief   April 2008

Land North of Kipling Road, Woodside Avenue, Eastleigh Development Brief   April 2008

Fair Oak Village Centre Development Brief   June 2005

Plan of Brief Area

Plan of Draft Development Proposals (gif)

Development Brief Appendices

Land at Hatch Farm, West End Adopted Development Brief   December 2012

Land at Hatch Farm, West End Development Brief:
supporting detailed layouts

Land between No.40 & 41 The Crescent, Netley Abbey -Development Principles (Non Statutory Guidance)   March 2011   (updated January 2013)

Other Guidance notes

Document Title & Date

Landscape Checklist - Advice on producing landscaping schemes for new development prepared jointly by and for the planning authorities in Hampshire   2006

Annexes for Dependent Relatives Supplementary Planning Advice   November 2005

Building Conservation Directory   2004