Supporting Evidence Base for Local Plan 2016-2036

Supporting Evidence Base for Local Plan

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Ppi Supporting Evidence 

The Government requires that any local plan should be supported by robust evidence.  The emerging Eastleigh Borough Local Plan 2011-2036 is supported by a wide variety of research and studies, as follows:  

Key evidence 

SLAA Documents May 2017

PUSH Position Statement June 2016

Annual Monitoring Report March 2016

Annual Monitoring Report March 2015


New evidence

Employment Background Paper December 2017

Public Transport Assessment December 2017

Background paper - Small and medium greenfield site assessment September 2017

Greenfield sites map - North September 2017

Greenfield sites map - Central September 2017

Greendfield sites map - South September 2017

Table 4 Overall assessment September 2017

Table 4b Overall assessment in score order September 2017

Appendix 1 - Transport Assessment September 2017

Appendix 2 - Countryside Gaps September 2017

Appendix 3 - Landscape appraisal September 2017

Appendix 4 - Biodiversity Assessment September 2017

Appendix 5 - Other Environmental September 2017

Appendix 6 - Development principles September 2017

Appendix 7 - Sustainability appraisal September 2017

Development Capacity Assessment September 2017

Housing Trajectory July 2017

Sustainability Appraisal of Greenfield Site Options July 2017

Residential Development Capacity Summary July 2017

Residential Development Capacity Appendices July 2017

Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment July 2017

Affordable Housing Assessment July 2017

DRAFT Gap Review July 2017

DRAFT Strategic Growth Options Public Transport June 2017

DRAFT Summary Landscape Appraisal April 2017

DRAFT Eastleigh Sports Facility and Playing Pitches Report March 2017

Eastleigh Open Space Study February 2017

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment February 2017

Eastleigh Local Economy Review January 2017

Retail- Details of Occupancy Background Paper  September 2017 (updated Dec 2017)


Evidence in Support of 2011-2029 Local Plan

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