2011 - 2029 Eastleigh Borough Local Plan

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Ppi 2011 29 Local Plan

Local Plan (incl. maps) and evidence base

Contains the pre-submission version of the Local Plan,  policies maps and accompanying evidence base




A searchable database of all the representations received during public consultation on the 2011-29 Local Plan





Previous Consultations

Contains the five previous versions of the
Local Plan which were consulted upon from 2011 to 2014



Examination & Public Hearing  

Details of the examination of the Local Plan and the Inspector’s subsequent findings



Travelling Communities DPD

This is a draft development plan document setting out policies and proposals for meeting the needs of travelling communities (gypsies, travellers and travelling showpeople) up to 2029.  







Local Plan Links



If you have any questions or need help in understanding the Revised Pre-submission Local Plan or the Examination process please contact:

Strategic Planning
Eastleigh Borough Council,
Eastleigh House,
Upper Market Street,
SO50 9YN,

Email: localplan@eastleigh.gov.uk