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Who we are and what we do in Design & Implementation  

  • Works closely with Strategy Unit, contributing to the design and sustainability content of planning policy documents, including development briefs and other guidance for individual large sites.
  • Advises on the landscape, urban design and architectural content of significant planning applications.
  • Provides specialist advice on building conservation and conservation areas.
  • Designs and undertakes consultation on environmental improvements and large scale urban design proposals for our towns and villages.
  • Provide Nature Conservation and Biodiversity guidance and advice.

Contact Details for Planning Policy & Implementation

NamePositionContact detailsResponsible for:
Dave Francis Senior Implementation & Design Officer 023 8068 3364
  • Eastleigh town centre regeneration
  • Fleming Park improvements project manager  
  • Planning policy advice on development proposals in central Eastleigh and large retail developments 
  • Regeneration input to the Town Centre Access Plan
  • Public Art projects
Anahita Moattari Implementation & Design Officer (Urban Design) 023 8068 8120
  • Urban design advice on development proposals
  • Urban design input to capital projects
  • Landscape design advice
Alice Harwood Implementation & Design Officer (Urban Design 023 8068 8353
  • Landscape design advice
  • Landscape planning advice to Local Plan
  • Landscape impact assessments
  • Environmental improvement projects
  • Public Art projects
Mark Ellison Implementation & Design Officer (Urban Design & Landscape) 023 8068 3853
  • Urban design advice on development proposals
  • Urban design input to capital projects and policy documents
  • Landscape design advice
  • Environmental improvement projects
  • Public Art projects
Debbie Salmon Biodiversity Officer 023 8068 8352
  • Biodiversity
  • Habitats Regulations assessment
  • Solent Recreation Mitigation Partnership
  • Biodiversity advice on development proposals
Andrew Barnett Regeneration & Planning Policy Technical Officer 023 8068 8497
  • 3D Project visualisation and CAD design
  • Graphic design
  • Cartography 
  • Environmental improvement projects
  • IT & web support to the section


What we don't do

Planning applications, planning advice on development proposals, enforcement Issues , planning obligations or planning appeals, please go to the Planning (Development Management)

Building Regulations and standards, please go to Building Control

Road, public transport, parking and cycling please go to Parking, Travel and Roads

Trees matters, please go to the Countryside & Trees

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Emergency planning, please go to Community Safety and Emergency Planning

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