Shaping your community

What matters most to you and your family or business? Please get involved with ‘Shaping your Community’

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Shaping Your Community

Shaping your community - what is this?

We value the views of our residents and businesses and want to ensure that we involve you in shaping plans for the future of the borough. Shaping your community is a two way process of engagement to enable both sharing and gathering of information. We hope the information on this page will help explain the purpose of a local plan and will help us gain a better understanding of what you value and feel is most important to you within your community and the new communities which will develop over the coming years.

Please note, this engagement is very different to a formal consultation process. All local plans have a formal consultation process. The next consultation period will take place after we have formally agreed a draft local plan. The next consultation will take place during 2018 and at that time, you will have the opportunity to comment on specific options and details set out in the draft local plan.

Our 'Shaping your community' survey has now closed - our thanks to everyone who completed the survey.  

Why are we doing this?

Eastleigh Borough Council is working on a new Local Plan for the Borough. All Local Authorities must have a Local Plan which sets out how it is going to deliver space for businesses, new homes and all the facilities that are needed to support this whilst also protecting and enhancing the local environment. The plan is there to make sure that development happens in a coordinated way, and is collectively delivering all that is required for the Borough, not just houses but all the necessary community facilities and infrastructure such as roads and doctors surgeries. You can find out more by watching our short video.


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Shaping Your Community - first results

During October and November this year we ran ‘Shaping Your Community’, an opportunity for you to tell us what matters most to you as we shape the Borough’s Local Plan.

We are pleased to report that over 1,500 took this opportunity and you can now see the first results here  

The results of ‘Shaping Your Community’ along with a number of other technical studies have all helped to inform the Local Plan. More information will follow and local people will have the opportunity to participate in a consultation about the Local Plan in 2018.

Eastleigh’s Local Plan

Eastleigh has since been working on a new plan to make sure we find enough space for all the new homes that are required, for businesses to locate and grow so people have jobs and to work out what other facilities are required.

The Borough Council works with a wide range of organisations when developing its local plan such as:

  • other local councils such as parishes, town and county councils
  • land owners and developers
  • utilities providers
  • Highways England
  • Natural England
  • The Environment Agency
  • community and residents groups
  • local businesses.

In 2015/2016 the council consulted on a range of issues and options, in the early stages of developing the plan.

A range of issues and concerns were raised which can be viewed here.

In July this year the Council put forward a preferred option for how it will deliver the necessary homes, jobs and facilities. Full Council discussed proposals and agreement was made to continue with the technical studies required, particularly those looking at the potential impact on traffic and aspects of the environment.

You can find more information here.

The Council also agreed that we, while waiting for the technical studies, would carry out further engagement with communities to both:

  • ensure better understanding of what a local plan is, and why it has an impact on everyone who lives and works in the Borough; and to
  • gain a better understanding of what you value and need most within your community and the new communities which will develop over the coming years.

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