CIL - DCS MOdifications

Page last updated at 10 August 2015 at 14:37

CIL - DCS Modifications 

Between 14 Feb and 24 March 2014, the Council completed a consultation on its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Draft Charging Schedule (DCS).  Thank you for all your comments during that process, we received 9 formal representations and responses have been issued where required.  Full details of the consultation are available in the Consultation Report.

As a result of the consultation, one modification has been made to the DCS to clarify the position on Extra Care housing.  This modification is tracked in the revised DCS and detailed in the Statement of Modifications.  A full list of the documents relating to the modifications to the DCS is included at the bottom of this page.

The information above is available in hardcopy on request and will be available at Eastleigh House and local libraries.

The following documents are related to the DCS Modifications: