Community Infrastructure Levy

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Introduction to Community Infrastructure Levy  (CIL) 

Along with many Local Authorities across the country, the Council has taken the decision to introduce a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).  The CIL regulations enable authorities to raise funding for new infrastructure by levying a charge on new development within their area.

CIL is seen as fairer, faster and more certain and transparent then the current system of planning obligations, which can cause delay through lengthy negotiations.  The decision by the Council to introduce a CIL is also driven by future limitations which have been placed on the ability of councils to use S106 monies to provide for infrastructure beyond the mitigation of specific developments.

CIL will be an important tool for the Council for funding and delivering critical infrastructure underpinning our Local Plan.  The CIL charge may be levied on different land uses (for example, residential, retail, commercial and so on) and will be charged per square metre of new development (a new building or an extension) over 100 square metres of gross internal floorspace, or if it involves the creation of additional dwellings.


The Council has completed 3 rounds of consultation as part of the development of our Charging Schedule:

  • Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation - 21 Oct '13 to 02 Dec '13 - 17 representations received
  • Draft Charging Schedule Consultation - 10 Feb '14 to 24 Mar '14 - 9 representations received
  • Draft Charging Schedule Modifications Consultation - 08 Jul '14 to 05 Aug '14 - 9 representations received

Following the completion of each stage of the process, the Council reviewed representations, updated the Charging Schedule as required and responded to representors.

Any person who made a representation during the consultation has the right to request to be heard by the Examiner. 

CIL Examination

Following the Report of the Inspector into the Eastleigh Brough Local Plan 2011-2029, the CIL Examination is not currently being proceeded with.  For further information on the Council's CIL project, please contact:

Address: Planning Policy Team, Regeneration and Planning Policy Unit, Eastleigh Borough Council, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, SO50 9YN.