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Listed Buildings in Eastleigh Borough

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On this webpage you will find information on the listed buildings in Eastleigh Borough contained on the statutory list.

For further information about listed buildings, the listing process and how to apply for listing, and the role of the authority in respects to listed buildings, please go the Listed Buildings Explained webpage.   

Listed Buildings in Eastleigh Borough

There are about 180 listed buildings in the Borough most of which are Grade II except for these Grade II* buildings shown below.  The Borough's list of statutory listed buildings may be viewed using the links below and available on the English Heritage web site.


This is a record of all the listed buildings in Eastleigh Borough on the English Heritage Statutory List.

External Links

To see the details of listing of a particular listed building, go to the English Heritage website below to access The National Heritage List for England.

  • Historic England Heritage Protection Operations Department, English Heritage 1 Waterhouse Square 138-142 Holborn London EC1NZST

Grade II* Listed Buildings in Eastleigh Borough

Click on the name of the building to access the English Heritage listing.

  St. Bartholomew Church, Botley
  St. Leonards Church
  Bursledon Windmill, Bursledon
  Church of St Nicolas, North Stoneham
  Church of St Andrew, Hamble-le-Rice
  Sydney Lodge Netley
  Ppi Listbuild Netleycastle
  Chapel Victoria Country Park
  St Mary Church, Hound


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The listed buildings are shown on our Online Geographical Information System



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