Land Charges

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Land Charges Searches

A Local Land Charges Search forms part of the conveyancing process and is carried out to ascertain if there are any matters affecting the property or land which a prospective purchaser should be aware of. It is designed to protect potential purchasers of a property and will tell them about agreements and restrictions which might affect their decision to go ahead with the purchase.
The first part of the search - the LLC1 form - will reveal all the charges registered against the property, for example Conditional Planning Permissions and Tree Preservation Orders.  These charges are binding on successive owners of the property or land.  

The second part of the search - the CON29 form - will provide other relevant information held by various Departments of the Council such as Local Plan information, nearby road schemes and Notices etc. under the Planning Acts.


Search Fees - from the 1st April 2017

  • LLC1 £48.00
  • CON29 Part 1 - (Standard Enquiries) £121.20  (incl. VAT)
  • Standard Search Fee -   £169.20 (incl. VAT)

Additional Fees:  

  • CON29 Part 2 - (Optional Enquiries 4 to 20)  £18.00 each if printed on the CON29 form - APART FROM QUESTIONs 21 and 22 WHICH are £24.60 each
  • £21.12 (incl. VAT) each if added by the applicant


Extra parcels of land: 

  • LLC1 £1.00
  • CON29 £22.80  

Refresher search   

  • £90.00 - Within 6 months only

Personal Search Fee

 No charge at present (April 2017)


Contact Us

Our postal address for submitting Local Land Charges Searches is:
Eastleigh Borough Council, Land Charges, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, Hants SO50 9YN
Staff are available to answer telephone enquiries/queries from 8.30 am until 5.00 pm Monday to Thursday and  8.30 am until 4:30 pm Friday.  Outside these hours and when the office is busy a voice mail service is available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who carries out the Local Land Charges search?
Search requests are usually received from the Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer acting for the purchaser of a property.  Personal Search Companies also make searches and anyone can make a search if they submit their request on the correct forms.  These forms - the LLC1 and CON29 - are available from Legal stationers.  

How can I be sure that a property lies within the Eastleigh Borough Council  boundary?
If you do not have access to a suitable plan, telephone our office and we will endeavour to help you.  

How long will it take to process my search?
Usually no more than 10 working days  

Do you have an Expedited search service?

How many forms do I need to submit?
The LLC1 and Con29 forms should be submitted in duplicate when sending in a postal request.  

Do I need to send you any plans of the property?
Yes, we require 2 copies of the plan with the property to be searched on clearly marked in red.  

Does a Commercial search cost more than a Residential search?
No, the fee is the same.  

What is a Personal Search?
A Personal Search is an inspection of the Local Land Charges Register.  At Eastleigh Borough Council we supply you with a photocopy of the registered Land charges that affect your property.  

What is the difference between a Personal Search and a Local Authority search?
A Personal Search will provide you with information similar to that of an LLC1 request but its content is your own responsibility and its accuracy is not guaranteed by the Council.  A CON29 form is not used for a Personal Search enquiry and if you wish to ask any similar questions you must approach each individual Council department yourself.  You may be charged for any information that is provided following such requests.  

Who do I make my cheques payable to?
Eastleigh Borough Council  

Can I submit a Client's cheque?
We will accept client's cheques  

Are you on the DX system?
You can send your search to us at DX122381 EASTLEIGH 2  

Do you answer Drainage enquiries?
No, please contact:

The Land Search Team Southern Water, Southern House, Capstone Road, Chatham, Kent ME5 7QA
DX 400450 Chatham S.
Telephone: 01634 824100
Fax 01634 844514

Will the road information reply tell me if all the roads abutting my property are adopted?

Our search reply will only refer to the road named in the property address given in Box B on the CON29 form.  If you wish to have information regarding any other roads that abut your property you will need to name them in Box C and clearly mark them on your search plan.  

Do I send my Commons Registration Search to you?

Can Land Charges tell me who owns a certain property or piece of land?
No, you will need to make application to:  

The Weymouth District Land Registry Melcombe Court, 1 Cumberland Drive, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 9TT.
Telephone 01305 363636