Question 2

How many new homes are needed in Eastleigh over the next 20 years? Who decides how many new homes should be built?

The Council needs to identify the number of new homes to plan for up until 2036. To do this we need to understand what our housing requirements are likely to be - both for Borough residents and those forecast to move into the Borough. Government planning policy expects us to “plan for growth” and for our Local Plan to fully meet the need for all types of housing in the wider housing market area- including subsidised ‘affordable’ housing largely provided (or funded) by housebuilders as part of new developments.  The Government expects councils to decide how best to plan for the future, and to calculate a target level of new housing provision. This includes joint working through partnerships such as the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) which has previously published evidence on housing needs.  The technical work currently available relies predominantly on secondary data (e.g. Census, national surveys) to inform the assessment of future housing need.   This evidence suggests a range of new dwellings of 13,800 to 20,750 from 2011 to 2036, and The Council has recently consulted on these figures to help refine the emerging Local Plan policy on this.