Inquiry overview

Details of the Inquiry and appointed Planning Inspector

Following the decision to refuse planning permission for Land at Satchell Lane on 13 August 2021, the applicants appealed this decision and an Inquiry has been set for 1 November 2022. This Inquiry is scheduled to sit for four to six days with an extra two days reserved (totalling a potential eight days). The Inspector appointed for the Inquiry is D Hendley MA, BA(Hons), MRTPI.

The proposal comprises:

‘Residential development of dwellings, with associated public open space, landscaping and amenity areas with access off Satchell Lane.’

The application was a full application meaning that all matters were to be considered. The application was refused for seven reasons including:

  • inappropriate form of development and impact upon the countryside;
  • unsustainable location which is not adequately served by sustainable modes of travel;
  • significant traffic movements which could not be accommodated on Hamble Lane;
  • poor quality scale, form, layout, design and appearance;
  • insufficient information to determine that a suitable scheme for sustainable urban drainage could be achieved;
  • failure to provide developers contributions for on and off-site provision of facilities and infrastructure; and
  • the failure to provide required mitigation to offset impacts on the European protected site (SPA, SAC and Ramsar) from nitrogen loading and recreational disturbance generated by population increase.

On 1 April 2022, the Local Council received a letter from The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) for this appeal stating the appeal process had started and that it would be dealt with as a Hearing. However, a further letter dated 19 May 2022 confirmed that the appeal procedure had changed to an Inquiry due to the need for evidence to be tested through formal questioning and having regard to substantial local interest.

All appeal documents will be uploaded to this dedicated area of the website, including Core Documents. Any documents submitted during the Inquiry will also be uploaded.

If you have any questions relating to the Inquiry or if you require any of the documents in a different format please email