Complying with COVID-19 requirements

Why are we operating as a takeaway and have no indoor seating?

Under Government guidelines, if we operate as a café with indoor tables and chairs then we have to record the details of all people seated and operate a table service. This would require extra staffing which would make it impossible to comply with social distancing in our small kitchen/servery area and put our staff at risk.

The removal of the tables and chairs in the café enables us to have a clear, one-way route through the barn to enable visitors to maintain their distance as they queue, keeping our visitors safe.

Why is there only one person serving in the café?

In order to keep our staff safe, they will be working on a rota basis (they work from home on the days they are not in). This means they can move safely around the office and café whilst maintaining social distancing. On busy days, it may be necessary to bring in another member of staff to help speed up the service.

One person on the till means that we do not have to keep cleaning the touch points (till keys, counter, etc) on a regular basis. They are behind a screen so do not need to wear a face mask but may chose to do so.

Why are the opening hours reduced?

The reduced hours allow us to have one member of staff serving each day without having to close in order to clean in between shift swaps.  We can also make sure our shelves are fully stocked in the morning as we cannot ‘mingle’ with the public during the day to restock. 

Why are you only taking card payments?

Money passes through many hands over its lifetime and gathers germs as it goes. You may be only passing over one note in payment but our staff will be handling hundreds of these in a typical day so to reduce the chance of transference we have taken the decision to only take card payments. Most card payments are contactless so there is no touching of equipment and therefore the transferring of infection is reduced. If visitors need to use a PIN then the member of staff will wipe the keypad on the PDQ machine with sanitiser making it safe for them as well as other visitors.

Why are we using disposable packaging?

As a Country Park our ethos has always been to promote sustainability but in these difficult times we have had to think about the safety of our staff and visitors first and, for this reason we have had to, reluctantly, use disposable packaging and plastic sachets for condiments. We needed to reduce the amount of contact that our staff have with tableware that has been touched by visitors as well as dealing with improving the efficiency.

Condiments like sauces and sugar are being handed out to visitors to limit the number of people touching the sachets and staff are adding milk to drinks for the same reason.

Why are you running a reduced menu?

With only one member of staff serving and often only one chef in the kitchen, the decision was made to offer a reduced menu that gave some choice but was also easy to manage with the reduced staffing levels.

What about the 15% drop in VAT?

We are really happy to say that we have passed on the 15% VAT reduction announced by the Government and this will be noticeable for our regulars.

Why can’t we buy/renew a parking permit in the park?

With a one way queue and only one person serving we are unable to sell parking permits at this time. However, parking permits are available to buy/renew by phone on 023 8068 8000. We are looking at providing digital (paperless) permits in the future which will be purchased through an app.

The above measures will continue indefinitely. Eastleigh Borough Council monitors and follows Government guidance and will react accordingly.