Permit payments, refund and changes

Paying for a permit and requesting refunds, changes or a cancellation


Charges apply from the annual renewal date and payment must be submitted with each application before the permit is issued. If a permit is issued six months after the annual renewal date, the charge will be discounted by 50% and by 83% if issued ten months after the annual renewal date.


If you move out of the parking zone or dispose of your vehicle without replacement, you must return the permit to us for cancellation. You will receive a refund for any complete unused months by cheque within 21 days of receipt of the application and returned permit. A refund can only be made if the original permit is returned to us.  Refunds of £5 or less will not be paid and there are no refunds for temporary visitor permits. 

Loss, change or cancellation of permit

There is no charge to replace or change the details of a permit. However a £5.00 fee may be charged if changes or replacements are required more than once a year.

A permit must be cancelled if:

  • The permit holder ceases to reside at the property or within the zone to which the permit relates
  • The permit holder ceases to be the owner or operator of the vehicle for which the permit was issued
  • The vehicle is adapted or used in such a way that it is no longer of a class for which a permit can be issued