Hamble parking scheme

Information for Hamble residents living in the controlled zone H1

In Hamble we operate a parking scheme for residents and businesses.

Resident permits

If you are a resident and live within the controlled zone in Hamble, you are entitled to up to two parking permits. 

The permits are valid in on-street areas designated for permit holders. They are also valid in the Square Car Park and on-street parking bays where there is a time limit on parking if signs specify that permit holders are exempt (eg ,2 hours, no return within 3 hours or permit holders').

Permit charges 

1st Permit - £100

2nd Permit - £100

Visitor permits

Residential properties in Hamble are entitled to 100 free visitor permits. This increases by 25 for each additional adult living at the same address. These permits are valid for a single day and are not valid in the Hamble Square Car Park or any time limited parking bays.

Family Carers' permits

If you are infirm, disabled or housebound and receive help from regular visitors, you can receive free carers’ permits. This allows your visitor to unrestricted parking within your zone.