Parking in resident zones

Residents' parking schemes, permits for visitors, carers and trades people


We operate resident's parking schemes in Eastleigh (including Chandler's Ford) and Hamble.

You are entitled to a residents' parking permit if you live within a controlled zone, and keep a passenger vehicle adapted to carry not more than twelve passengers or a goods vehicle with an unladen weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes. Motorcycles will also require a permit to park within the marked zones. All new housing developments (including the redevelopment of existing housing) within the Controlled Parking Zones are excluded from entitlement to any parking permits.

When you apply you will need to provide the following (photocopies may be accepted):

  • proof of ownership
  • vehicle registration number
  • proof of residential address

If you drive a company vehicle, please supply a letter from the company and/or vehicle owner, on company headed paper, with your application confirming that you are the driver. 

You must let us know if:

  • you change your vehicle
  • you move house
  • you lose your permit
  • your vehicle is no longer of a class for which a permit can be issued. 

For more information and how to apply


If you have a business/commercial property within the controlled zones, you may be able to apply for a Business parking permit


Other permits are available within the controlled zones such as Temporary Visitor or Professional Carers