Workplace Travel Plans

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Workplace Travel Plans 

Workplace travel plans cover either one site or a series of sites belonging to one organisation and detail how staff and visitors can travel to the workplace by sustainable forms of transport. Workplace travel plans include a survey of how people travel to the site, how accessible the site is and what incentives and measures can be implemented to encourage a higher use of sustainable forms of travel among staff and visitors.


Travel Plan Networks & Forums

A great way to gain a greater understanding of workplace travel plans is to talk to other employers who have already implemented their own travel plan. The Southampton Travel Planners’ Forum is the local travel plan network for workplaces in Eastleigh and has been running for a number of years. The network is open to employers of all sizes who have a travel plan in place, are interested in developing one or are interested in related issues. More information about the network and how to get involved can be found by emailing:


Assessment of Travel Plans

Eastleigh Borough Council will assess the travel plan using the TRACES workplace travel plan evaluation and provide comprehensive feedback including a statement of the plan’s level of acceptability and whether it requires any additions or amendments. A minimum ‘pass score' of 70 has been set as an indication of the level that a travel plan should achieve. However, if each element of the TRACES criteria is not met sufficiently then the plan will require redrafting. Developers are strongly advised to assess their travel plan prior to submission.

A charge will be made by the council for evaluating a travel plan.  The fees for evaluation of the travel plan can be found here.


Further Information

If you want to know more about Workplace Travel Plans further information can be obtained by e-mailing the transport policy team at