Footpath Orders

Footpath Orders Consultation in Eastleigh

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Footpath Orders      

The information on this page relates to permanently stopping up or diverting public rights of way. For temporary diversion orders please contact Hampshire County Council on 01962 846981 or visit the County Council website

Please see our guidance on How to Apply for a Footpath Diversion  word 

Please print off and complete our application form for stopping up or for diverting a footpath or bridleway here: Application Form pdf

Footpath Orders Undergoing Formal Consultation


The Eastleigh Borough Council (Bridleway no. 724 and Footpath no. 782, Bishopstoke) Public Bridleway Diversion and Footpath Creation Order 2017

Footpath Numbered 54 on the Definitive Map for Eastleigh - Diversion Order - North Stoneham


Confirmation Orders

The Eastleigh Borough Council (Unnumbered Presumed Dedicated Footpath at Pavilion Road, Hedge End) Diversion Order 2017

 Footpath Cycleway 23- Eastleigh