Dropped Kerbs and ‘H-bar’ Access Markings

Dropped Kerbs and ‘H-bar’ Access Markings

Page last updated at 17 November 2017 at 15:05

Dropped Kerbs and ‘H-bar’ Access Markings     

It is now possible for residents and businesses to apply for a white “H-bar” access marking to be painted at the entrance to their property.

The purpose of an access marking is to highlight an entrance or somewhere that the kerb has been lowered to help pedestrians, where vehicles should not be parked. While motorists can receive a Penalty Charge Notice for parking across any dropped footway, access markings help drivers to avoid parking inappropriately in the first place.

If you feel that your access would benefit from provision of an advisory “H-bar” marking, please apply using the application form below.

Each site has to be visited by an engineer to ensure that the marking is appropriate and decide its exact size, in addition to administrative costs and the painting itself. This means we have to charge applicants £90 to cover these expenses before the marking can be placed.

It normally takes eight to twelve weeks from application to completion of the marking. Please note that the payment for these works relates solely to the first marking implemented.  Should the marking need refreshing in future then a further payment of £90 will be necessary.  This however does not apply if the carriageway has been resurfaced or works undertaken on the highway making relining necessary; in these circumstances the contractor carrying out the works will meet the cost of the lining.

If you wish to apply for permission to have a dropped kerb installed on the road adjacent to your property you must make an application to Hampshire County Council.  Further information can be obtained from their website.