Urban Eden Beauty

Urban Eden Beauty at the Central Precinct in Chandler’s Ford is run by Kerry who was born and grew up in the area and started her first salon there aged 18. Urban Eden offers a wide variety of treatments and prioritises nurturing and wellbeing with its manis, pedis, waxing and facials.

Kerry moved her business from School Lane to the precinct in 2016 to enjoy having a proper shop front. She said: “The COVID situation has been difficult as at times it was hard to know exactly what to do. The grants were invaluable and enabled us to add a treatment room at the front and expand the business which then created three jobs, one of which originated from an apprenticeship.

“I am very proud of the business. It’s definitely hard work as I have a young family as well but I love it here and I love the community with the other business-owners.

“We call the Central Precinct the concrete jungle with a heart. There are lots of destination businesses where people make an appointment to come so there’s not a lot of footfall but so many of the businesses are really thriving. My near neighbour Danny the furniture restorer in From Old to New is so talented and always so busy!”

Kerry is one of the local businesses who have signed up to the Eastleigh Borough Gift Card. Find out more: https://www.eastleigh.gov.uk/our-community/your-local-high-street/eastleigh-borough-gift-card

More Gems:  https://www.eastleigh.gov.uk/our-community/your-local-high-street/borough-gems

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Kerry at Urban Eden Beauty.