Tuk Shop

Mr Steve runs the Tuk Shop, which is tucked right off the High Street in Eastleigh town centre, where he’s been importing and selling the quirky vehicles to the local area and beyond since 2003. He spotted them whilst travelling in India on a break from his recruitment career, fell in love with their potential, and decided to completely change his work life. His first shipment of 20 Bajaj tuk tuks arrived at Southampton docks in 2004. 

Mr Steve’s tuk tuks, which achieve speeds of just under 40mph, have gone on to appear in films, at movie and television premieres  – including The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - and at events all over the UK. They’re also bought by lots of people for personal use as bars, coffee carts, a mobile dog groomer and mobile libraries. There’s even a popular peacock patterned tuk tuk for weddings.

Mr Steve explained: “When I saw the vehicles, I thought ‘we have to have these in the UK - they’re a lot of fun’. My dad was a car dealer and sold Datsuns in the 1970s and I really remember being surrounded by cars. Now I’m in the motor trade but not really in the traditional sense!

“Space became available in Eastleigh for the business and it’s fantastic for us for many reasons including the transport links. We’re near the airport and the train station so our customers can get to us, and the road network means we can take the tuk tuks easily around the country. We use lots of local talent – mechanics, electricians, etc – for the conversions.

“COVID affected our hire business very severely but we were able to carry on selling the tuks including the new electric Treo vehicles. We’ve got the licence to supply them to a taxi company in Cornwall and the electric model is a game changer. It’s not a novelty; it’s an option for the future of urban transport, incredibly efficient for four people to sit in – and offering an incomparable buzz.”

Tuk Shop Steve With The Treo Electric Tuk

Owner of Tuk Shop Steve with the Treo electric tuk.