The Considerate Carnivore

The team behind craft butcher The Considerate Carnivore have certainly been through the mill (excuse the pun) since opening in April, thanks to two separate flooding incidents in their premises at Botley Mills. But they’re about to reopen even bigger and better with an open day and BBQ on Saturday 7 August from 9am – 5pm.  

The business specialises in ethical meat, sustainably sourced from high welfare British farms which the team of Rowan and Luis, plus butcher Harry, visit in person to see how the animals are being reared. Customers have flocked to their shop, which is tucked in at the side of the Mill opposite The Botley Brewery & Hidden Tap – with whom the trio team up for special offers – for the range of ready meals and products such as the five week dry-aged steak. 

Rowan, who lives in Southampton but grew up in Wales in a culture of well farmed meat, said: “Before we had to close to repair the damage, 40% of our sales were ready meals so we’re expanding that range. We’re also launching a loyalty card on our reopening day for anyone who makes a purchase in the shop itself. We pride ourselves on offering an experience as if it was 100 years ago – hormone and chemical free meat, straight from farm to table, grass-fed and from small farms.

“We aim to be Considerate in every aspect of the business; online deliveries from our website come packaged in sustainable lambswool and in recycled packaging, including the tape.

“We’re very much looking forward to reopening and welcoming our customers back into the shop – we have new units which will be packed full of new products to show them.”

Considerate Carnivore Team At The Door

The team at The Considerate Carnivore.