Jenny's Cafe

Jenny’s Café in Hamble is named after owner Lizzie’s mum, who originally ran the business as Bonne Bouche but sadly died from cancer in 2016, a year after taking on the business. Covered in sunflower decorations, Jenny’s favourite flower, it’s a favourite spot of many locals in the village, all of whom were delighted when it remained open during lockdowns. The COVID one-way system operates simply across the two doors of the café space and there’s also seating in front and in a new area to the rear.    

The business offers boat catering, garden and private parties and picnics, including gluten free options, in addition to its varied daily café menu. Lizzie is such a part of the local community that her five-minute journey home often turns into two hours as she bumps into so many people she knows.

Lizzie said: “Everything I do is dictated by our customers; we do what they suggest and it works brilliantly! During lockdown I opened up on VE Day for takeaways and then carried on from there. The location is so lovely and a lot of younger people have taken on businesses in the area which is fantastic.

“I am in it for the people as I just like making people happy. I think my mum would love it – I think she’d find it really fun.”