Genius Escapes

Genius Escapes at the Central Precinct in Chandler’s Ford is run by Bishopstoke couple Paul and Lorraine, who juggle business with family life and the needs of their four children. Opened during lockdowns, Genius Escapes has already proved very popular with fans of the concept – solving codes, puzzles, locks and brain teasers inside a closed room in order to ‘escape’ within one hour.
Their hard work has seen them rewarded with the contract to supply laser tag equipment to the UK and Ireland Center Parcs sites and their next aim is to open a large premises offering escape rooms and laser tag in Eastleigh town centre.
Paul, a qualified mechanic by trade, said: “After I was injured due to motocross in 2010, we had to rethink what I was going to do so we developed Ironsight Activities and in 2013 opened up a site at Stockbridge. We had a bit of family woodland and it planted the seed for the possibilities of laser tag and outdoor adventures.
“We have put in a lot of hard work and it has paid off. We’re passionate about what we do and I think that really comes across to our customers. Ten year-olds can complete the puzzles with help from adults, and groups of aged 13 and over can manage it alone.
“Lorraine and I get the lab coats on and dress up when we’re hosting and Lorraine’s a really good, bubbly games master and very reassuring – a mum came in recently with her sons and was very nervous but the door is always unlocked and you can always get out if you need to.
“We have really thought about the experience and added additional touches such as wall décor or extra boards within the rooms themselves. We’re proud of what we have built up and we’re very excited about the next steps for the business.”
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Paul from Genius Escapes in one of the rooms