BASEbody Pilates

Jade from BASEbody Pilates at the Central Precinct in Chandler’s Ford - which has been open again since May 17 - has certainly had a very busy few years. Since taking over the former Loft Pilates Studio in July 2017, she’s married, become a mum and moved premises to a street-facing lot; and she’s kept her business alive throughout lockdown, teaching classes to all ages from teens to over 70s. The studio is soon set to extend with the removal of an internal wall.  

Basebody Pilates has been nominated as a Gem by Jennie B who said: “I really wish I'd discovered Jade and these classes sooner. I can't speak highly enough about it! I love it.”

Originally from Shirley, Jade approached Loft’s owner about a possible teaching position. When they told her they were selling up and offered her the opportunity to buy it, the-then 25 year-old took a leap into the unknown. 

Jade said: “When I took over, all the teachers left but I learned on the job and, supported by class participants who responded to me as a person, I built the business up; over the years we’ve been able to develop a method which adapts to the person in front of us. It's not a one size fits all, and offers restoration, rehabilitation from injury and more dynamic workouts too.

“It has been so hard to sustain a business throughout lockdown – we had small periods of reopening and offered private sessions - but we’re here on the other side and really enjoying everyone being back in the studio.”

Basebody Pilates Jade At The Door