AC Models

Ever wondered how the town centre’s hugely popular AC Models got its name? Its moniker comes from owners Annette and Clive, who came to the Borough to live and work over 30 years ago.

When AC Models finally opened its doors again after lockdowns, the queue stretched down the street. Now its customers are in for a treat as it has now returned to 10am-4pm opening hours on five days with a hugely improved and expanded premises, including a new shop front. In a few weeks’ time, it will grow even bigger when the upstairs opens, offering its stock across two full floors.

Annette, who still works on the shop floor alongside her son-in-law, explained: “It all started when Clive was working at indoor karting and was involved with slot cars. He got a contact at Hornby and things took off from there. We opened at Bishopstoke Road in 2009 and moved to the High Street in 2010, finally purchasing this premises four years ago.    

“We have such great customers, just lovely people, and Clive and I were able to remain in touch with them over lockdown thanks to our website and online sales via eBay and Amazon. But I do love the shop atmosphere and the social side of it; it gets really buzzy, especially on a Saturday, and it’s a really mixed age group from kids to their grandparents. I  have seven grandchildren myself and love seeing the young ones come in.”

Annette’s Borough Gem: “We love the food in Artisan and we have a fantastic relationship with Hasan. We recently took some friends to a special evening with a singer and we had such a good night out!”   

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Annette from AC Models