Events: Advice for organisers

Running an event on council property/land

How much notice do you need?

As a general rule, a minimum 12 weeks’ notice is required. Applications received within less than 12 weeks before the event are very unlikely to be considered and processed in time. If you are planning a large event involving more than 500 people it is recommended that you apply at least 16 weeks beforehand. In order to give your event the best chance of being able to go ahead please apply as early as you can in order to give time for any issues to be resolved.

If you’re planning a public event, there’s quite a lot to think about to ensure that your event is a safe one and that people can enjoy it, without causing nuisance or disruption to others. It’s important that you comply with all the legal requirements otherwise it will not be able to go ahead.

We want to be as helpful as possible to anyone thinking of running an event. In the last year we have helped many groups to plan and organise safe and successful events, from street parties and carnivals to fun runs, parades and concerts.

The event application form covers all you need to think about including:

  • closing roads or stopping traffic
  • licences to sell alcohol, play music or run a draw
  • making sure you have adequate insurance
  • getting rid of your rubbish after the event

If your event involves road closures and licence applications then you should consider applying at least six months in advance.

Once we receive your application, we can give you help and advice on planning your event and getting the permissions and licences that you need. ​

Advice for all event organisers

Whether the event is on council land or elsewhere in the Borough the following documentation is required:

• Site Specific event risk assessment
• Fire risk assessment
• Public liability insurance
• Site plan/route plan
• Event Management Plan (EMP) to include event overview and schedule, traffic management plan and emergency procedures.

All large events (over 1,000 people) and high risk events will be considered by the Safety Advisory Group whether they are on council land or not. Please consult the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) page.

If you are running a large event in the Borough which is not on Council land please email the details and documents for the event to this email address and we will consult the SAG members and feedback their advice.

The link below gives government advice on running community events