Eastleigh Compact

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Eastleigh Compact  

Eastleigh Compact Document

The Compact is an agreement between Eastleigh Borough Council and voluntary and community sector organisations. It outlines how all parties will work together and would normally outline a framework for working together in the future. It is a mutually agreed document which represents the interests of voluntary and community organisations and the public sector who share a fundamental aim to serve and represent the interests of local people and communities.

The compact is not a legal document; it is a public statement of intent. It is a mutual agreement between those organisations who wish to sign up to it.

Many local groups have signed up to the Eastleigh Compact and have received a Certificate.

The benefits of the Eastleigh Compact to the voluntary and community sector are:

  • To ensure that resources are used effectively and not wasted.
  • To give consistency in relationships between Eastleigh Borough Council and voluntary and community sector.
  • To have a framework to allow issues to be resolved in a constructive way.
  • To increase awareness about the role of each sector.
  • To extend the capacity of the voluntary and community sector to participate in decision-making processes.
  • To allow the voluntary and community sector better access to resources within the public sector, funding, partnerships, consultation, contracts,      capacity building, equal opportunities and volunteering.

For more information contact ross.mcclean@eastleigh.gov.uk